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Glamping, having your home luxury and getting into nature. At Pure Glamp we have it all so that you can explore and make your memories.

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NATUREHIKE 3 Season Mongar Camping Tent

The Naturehike 3 Season Mongar Camping Tent is quick and easy to set up and perfect for 2 people. The two doors and two windows create better airflow and reduce condensation.

$ 230.90$ 401.90

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How to buy a Tent

How to buy a Tent

Camping is fun for most of us, unless the tent is small, crampy wet and uncomfortable. It can ruin what was to be a very memorable time, so it is wise to choose the right tent especially if affordability is one of your criteria.

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Lazy days and great starry nights, and a comfortable chair! When you think of camping

a favorite chair just has to be part of that memory!

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