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About us

Our story

I believe we all have a story to tell. Each one of us. I also believe that’s a story that that the world needs to hear. Some stories make us laugh, or cry, happy or just thankful for what we have. sometimes they give us insight. I grew up in a home where I wasn’t taught how to do anything so I needed other peoples stories to see how things were done. The outdoors and adventure is one of the glues that keep my world together.  My late husband and I traveled far and wide and stayed in mother earth for weeks at a time. I have camped on beaches and in desolated places, watched elephants tearing down a tree 5m from me, touched Giraffe, and seen Hippo rushing past. 

I am passionate about Pure Glamp because it will make your memories the best ever. And at the end of it all that is all we have.  I hope you enjoy your shopping adventure and then using the things you bought here. It would make my day if you would review what you bought here, but not from a regular product review point but from how that product created a memory.

Debra – Founder Pure Glamp


How we started

Pure Glamp was created as a living memory of the life and the times I spent with my late husband. He was a photographer and a man of nature. They were the happiest times of my life and the ones where the distractions of this world did not intrude. There is nothing better than coffee on a cool morning with silence all around you. Or the exhilaration of having conquered a dune climb. 

Our mission

To provide real products that help you on your exploration of mother earth, or that getaway from the city. Whatever the reason you want to be in the great outdoors, I want to be part of that experience! I would love for you to return and to hear your stories and see the world through your eyes. I would like my instagram feed not to be a product feed but a human feed! of everyone’s adventures and memories. 

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